Info & Press kit


Game title: Redungeon
Developer: Eneminds
Publisher: Nitrome
Release date: June 23, 2016
Platforms: AppStore, Google Play
Price: Free

About the game

What is it like?

Redungeon is an arcade dungeon runner with infinite randomly generated levels full of deadly traps, pitfalls, monsters, extending walls, moving platforms and crumbling bridges.

Basically, you swipe or press arrow buttons to move through a grid.

It's hardcore. Every brick here wants you dead, and you will die. A lot.

But as you spend the gold to unlock new characters and obtain new powers, your scores will grow, and so will your confidence. You will learn how to cheat death in many spectacular ways involving brute force, high tech, good old magic and your own skill!


About the developer

Who, where, when?

We are Yura Gordeyev and Mike Smagin. How do you do?

We live in Ukraine. We love programming, math and physics. We've been friends since highschool, and we've been working together as a team for the last 8 years. A year and a half ago we founded Eneminds and started making games.

We were learning all the new stuff along the way (like pixel art), and things were slow at first. We've done several interesting prototypes, but were forced to shelve them one by one because they were all too big in scale. We wanted to make something small and elegant.

One day while brainstorming ideas for a new project we imagined a knight avoiding countless dangers and traps. This is what became Redungeon over the next year.
The word “we” is repeated 10 times here, we know... um, 11 times.

Our story with Nitrome

Nitrome is a stellar game studio based in London, we've been fans of their work for years. When we got to making our own mobile game, we drew a lot of inspiration from their fantastic products. We even contacted Dave Cowen, the composer behind majority of Nitrome titles, because we didn't want the music in our game to be any less awesome!

When the game was almost complete, we created a Twitter account and started posting screenshots, gifs and videos. Soon, Mat Annal from Nitrome got in touch with us and offered to publish our game.

Naturally, we were thrilled. And excited!

Our collaboration has been very productive and a lot of fun. The guys gave us priceless insight and valuable advice on how to make the game better. Markus Heinel, one of the artists at Nitrome, created tons of beautiful art for the game. The whole experience was incredible, and we've learned so much.
Thanks, Nitrome!

Contact info

Feel free to contact us with any questions:
Twitter: @eneminds

Game trailer


Redungeon Press
4.2 MB

Contains icon, logos and screenshots as seen below:

Game logo

The game logo works best on dark backgrounds. Because it's always dark in the dungeon, you know.

Game icon


Knight graphic

His name is Gylbard, by the way.


All 750×1334, PNG


Eneminds team

Art and Programming:
Yura “13×666” Gordeyev

Mike “iodiot” Smagin


Additional Art: Markus Heinel @markusheinel
Sound Design: Nataliya “Milena” Radina @Milen4ik_k
Music: Dave Cowen